INTERVIEWS with poets & artists:


The "first book" series (2005-2008) and other interviews are indexed here.




At Touch the Donkey, rob mclennan asked me 7 questions about process and The End of Something.


4 questions with Maureen Thorson as part of her Na/GloPoWriMo series.


Maria Anderson and I had a conversation about painting and writing at Paper Darts.


While on the road with Young Tambling, I met with Kelin Loe in a motel room to talk about epic and the girl hero for Flying Object Radio.


Katherine Gwynn asked me some questions for KU's undergrad journal, The Siren.


Adam Clay and I talked about Young Tambling and life on the road in Denver Quarterly.


I talked with Sarah Dravec when I was visiting the University of Akron in October 2013. You can hear that conversation at Dressing Room Poetry Journal.


Tony Trigilio and I had a conversation on his podcast Radio Free Albion right before the fall leg of the Young Tambling tour.


Christopher Nelson asked me some questions about Young Tambling in June 2013 at Under A Warm Green Linden.


When I visited the University of Arkansas Fort Smith, Matt Henriksen and I had a conversation (with each other and with the audience) that was recorded on video. Belonging in the World is part of that interview/conversation.


At The Volta's Take Down the Clouds there's a brief Q&A from the fall of 2012 when we were living in Ireland.


Jean Valentine interviewed me about The Last 4 Things (book and DVD) in Bookslut.


After a reading at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Kathleen Graber and I had a conversation about photography, technology, fortunetelling, book tours, and fate, recorded by the folks at Blackbird.


My Own Eyes is an interview collage Max put together about the making of The Last 4 Things, originally meant to be the "special features" on the DVD that comes with the book.


Dan Nester asked me a few questions in his "Getting to know" series on the Best American Poetry blog.


Jennifer Bartlett and Jeannine Hall Gailey interviewed me about case sensitive, in St. Elizabeth Street and Eclectica, respectively.


From 2005-2008, I kept a blog called every other day. One thing I did there was an interview series with poets who, at that time, had just one book out. My basic question: How has your first book changed your life? After 5 or 6 of those appeared, people began asking me when I would answer the questions I'd asked. I thought I'd do that when my own first book came out. Then I decided to wait until the series was complete. My self-interview (#104) went up in August '08.



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CD Wright tribute:

changed, healed, charged


Women Looking at Vispo:

everything by hand


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Prose from Young Tambling

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Live readings, video:


Denver, CO

10 April 2013


Carthage College

Kenosha, WI

23 April 2013


Arcade Taberna

Durham, NC

13 February 2010


Live readings, audio:

Live from Prairie Lights

(with Rick Meier and John Gallaher,

introduced by Shane McCrae)

27 Sept 2013


What's New in Poetry?

Emory University

21 Feb 2013

iTunes U podcast (scroll down to 101)


Live from Prairie Lights

(with Elizabeth Robinson)

30 Sept 2009


Hotel Congress

Tucson, AZ

4 Nov 2009


Pegasus Books

Berkeley, CA

16 March 2007