She took the car? Maybe. Men go to sea.

It comes into every serious and
beautiful life, she said.
A moment

when the person is listening, trying to bring in a signal.

I'd think I heard it, night after night,
but it was never there
on the tapes.

Doleful is the word that keeps coming to mind.

The family
is sleeping. A rock
or believed to be a rock

or ball of something, fallen from the sky.

What's allowed? Really.
What's allowed now?

He says
he understands me. It's like a game.

Why did he have a red hammer? That's a good question.

I remember we were crossing a desert.
I remember that no one could say
what they felt.

I thought he was different

and better
than everyone else.
I felt he could see me. Everything was there to teach us.

. . .